the magnificent mind of Katy Brett

All these dudes tellin’ lies for the fame and wealth, I’d rather kick back and just be myself.

hi. I’m alive.

why hello again. I completely forgot I had a tumblr. I do that a lot with my social networking sites (besides facebook, which unfortunately is wired into my brain). I’ll do a “real” update later on, but I’m hoping to actually follow people and stuff, so we’ll see what happens. Just wanted to let people know I still exist.

"even those who believe in Heaven don’t want to die to get there"

hiii. My life has been crazy busy lately with classes and work and friends and other exciting things that I’ve been doing. but I’ve got a moment to write here, so I’ll do so. I’ve decided to declare philosophy as my minor. fun stuff.

halloween…went to a party about a week or so ago, that’s about all I did. I’ve never gotten too into halloween. My best friend and I had a tradition where we would go to the mall and trick or treat. we went as Brad and Janet from Rocky Horror one year. But alas, he lives in Massachusetts now, so that didn’t happen.

Either way, I’m not a fan of holidays in general. I enjoy the time leading up to holidays and the immediate period after, but not the actual day. just because there’s always so much pressure and business that it kind of kills the fun of the holiday. I’d much rather chill at home and watch my personal taste of Christmas movies on christmas rather than go spend time with 3 different sections of family, but that’s just me.

so it’s November 1st…weird. it’s strange how time keeps going by faster as I get older. enjoy your time with the special people in your life because you never know when it all may be taken away from you. and we’re not always prepared for that.

"what a beautiful life we’ve got here"

hiii. so I decided to post in this thing again. life’s good right now. I think we should celebrate when life is good ‘cause we never know when it’s going to end. lately I’ve been listening to Ben Jorgensen’s new song “changed my mind”. I think it’s about a guy who’s about to commit suicide but then realizes his life is actually pretty decent. lyrically the song’s not all that creative but it has a positive message, which is something you don’t find a lot in the type of music I enjoy these days. it’s a pretty uplifting song for something Ben Jorgensen wrote. 

In other news, it’s Halloween time and I’m going to a party tomorrow! dressing up as Eli from Let the Right One In. For those of you who don’t know, Eli is the Swedish version of Abby from the remake of LTROI, “Let Me In”. Usually I don’t get too into Halloween but this year is a bit different I guess. 

goodnight all.

"thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle

…and the life of the candle will not be shortened.” 

I’ve decided to get back into traditional blogging. I’ve created multiple blogspot accounts, but never really used any of them. I’d make one entry and then completely forget about it. But, I have so many thoughts that run through my mind each day that I want to be able to put them somewhere that people can see. Ever since social networking became big, I think people in general (including myself) become intimidated when they see that they have to read something longer than a paragraph. It’s kind of sad that it’s come to that. 

But either way…you all have an opportunity to read my less-condensed thoughts and ramblings, and that makes me a pretty happy creature. No one will be able to put out my candle this time around. 

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